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Animal Totems — Accept the Gifts they Have To Give You

Imaginary Guidelines

Your Animal Totems are your guides and imaginary companions on your life’s journey. They could also be called Power Animals as they each bring a certain energy to your life. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know about the meaning of 333

Native Americans identified the unique strengths and weaknesses of each animal through observation. Bears hibernated over winter, so it was believed that they were able to dream. Bear Energy was also about power and strength, as they were formidable foes.

It’s amazing to see that so many cultures, not only Native Americans, came up with the same interpretations for individual animals.

Spiritual Energies

Native Americans and other cultures have used Shamans to connect with the Earth, the animals, and each other. These Shamen would connect to the animals through visions and dreams by using visions and dreams. The manitou, which is the primal spiritual energy, of an animal, is wolfness…deerness…etc.

It was believed that every person had a manitou (or more) that they were attuned towards. These were their own animal totems.

Although they often found their totems via vision quests or other means, many totems became known to them through other means. You might be attacked by wild animals and it is believed that this particular animal totem chose you.

Spiritual and Physical Qualities

Every animal is unique. Each one has its own set of qualities. You may feel an affinity for, feel a deep connection towards, or simply require more of the characteristics in your Animal Totems.

Here are some brief descriptions about the qualities of a handful of animals. Be sure to take your time. One of them could be an Animal Totem.

Skunk: Self-confidence. Self-esteem. Self-respect. Creative energy. Pay attention to intuition.

Alligator: Ability to survive, keeper o ancient wisdom, psychic ability

Cat: Magic and mystery, curiosity, independence. Healing, unpredictability. Inner balance. Moving through fears.

Frog: All directions of vision, physical and mental cleansing, metamorphosis and creative power

Shark: Peace, solitude; emotional transformation; power of Protection

Your Animal Totems can guide and protect through every stage of your life. Try to surround yourself with images that depict the animal when you discover it is a powerful symbol of your soul. This will let the animal understand that you are happy to have them in your home.