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Learn how to obtain positive online reviews

Here are some ideas to increase reviews of your company. Some are based on my experience as a “super user” of review sites, while others simply reflect common sense. We welcome your comments. We do not accept 1-star ratings. If you want to Learn How Earn positive reviews online, please visit this page.

Participate in the best review websites

There are many review sites out there. Be sure to check for reviews sites that are able to reduce fake reviews, and offer business owners tools for responding. Activate and optimize your business listing. When new reviews are posted, you’ll receive traffic reports detailing how many people viewed your page each week.

All reviews should be done proactively

We appreciate all the feedback we received from our reviewers, both positive and negatively. Yelp.com, which is the largest review website, allows business owners and managers to respond publicly and privately to your reviews. A personal message is a great method to acknowledge reviewers and shows you care as the business owner. Attention: Don’t be rude, defensive or obnoxious. This was a common mistake that I witnessed backfire. When a reviewer posted the rude response from the business owner, along with their updated (and worse) review, it caused a lot of confusion. My next post will cover how to effectively respond negative reviews.

You can take advantage of the offers available on your listing page.

Yelp is one of the review sites that allows businesses to list offers on their listing pages. Because users of these sites tend to be more active reviewers, you can direct your offer at the top online influencers.

Link to review sites from your website.

Include the site logo together with all other social media links.

Promote your presence at review sites.

Add the link to your enewsletter. You can also blog about your review and link back the original review page. Don’t let one or two negative posts scare you into hiding. If your customers aren’t happy with you, then they probably wouldn’t do business with you.