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A Guide to the Different Bases for Double Beds

We can reasonably predict that we will spend one-third our lives asleep in our beds. That is why it is so important to buy a good bed. A bed is as crucial as other important purchases in life. According to this figure, approximately 4 million beds are sold annually. The most popular of all is the double bed. Visit our website and learn more about buy-beds.com.

You might be moving into a new house and need a double bed. The other reason is to avoid backaches, muscle pains, headaches, and muscular pains caused by your old bed. You should not think about money when you’re thinking of buying a new double-bed. A durable, high-quality bed will last for years. You need to save money. If you are ready to spend some of your savings, you can consider these bed frames to help you make a wise decision.

1. Divan bases: These are the most sought-after choice due to the unique castor wheels and the upholstered feet that create space under. You can have plenty of storage under divans if you have limited space. Here are two types of divans you will most often see:

Sprung divans: These have springs on the frame that absorb shock and are the most luxurious double bed.
Solid divan top: These frames come in a cheaper price because they have a firm top. They also offer less comfort.

2. Slatted Bed Frames: These types of bed frames are available in two options for double beds: rigid or flexible. Softwood is used to make flexible bases. The degree of flexibility available can be adjusted to your liking. To guarantee quality, the space between the slats cannot exceed 9-10cm.