I Found Online Moldavite Sellers

Here are a few places I found online that sell moldavite. Only one of them has been able to provide me with actual experience. I provide the information for you to research and find the best source. Many of these sellers also have informational pieces on The Mystical Powers of Moldavite available on their websites.

Heaven and Earth Jewelry

Moldavite Starborn Stone of Consciousness was founded by Moldavite Stones and Jewelry. It has been selling moldavite for almost thirty years. We Have the Largest Selection of Metaphysical Stones & Metaphysical Jewels in the World

Direct from Source – US Wholesale Source Single Crystals, Moldavite and Herkimer Diamonds. Phenakite and Lemurian Seed Crystals.

Search for moldavite | Arkadian Collection

Europe’s jewelry artisans are experts in moldavite.

Sylvia, Erich and Sylvia’s Moldavites & Meteorites for Purchase

View a list if meteorite special offers (Martian meteorite ), lunar meteorite Carbonaceous Chondrites and rare Achondrites ) all sizes and shapes at top quality prices-space warranty!

Moldavites – Moldavite Tektites For Sale

Moldavite and other tektites of moldavite are found in an area called Central European strewnfield. Europe is home the most beautiful tektite strewnfield. Moldavite-tektites are generally greener than dispersed, strewnfield types, though some rare brown types may be available.

Erich’s Cosmic Highway

Many different qualities were found in the translucent green gem, which was discovered in Bohemia.

Products Archive – Moldavite For Me

We sell Moldavite crystals in good quality from the Czech Republic.

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